Hot Springs, Arkansas
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I paid for special order maple flooring. Lowes delivered oak & maple mixed boxes in the rain.

Installer put down mixed flooring in living room before realizing it was two different kinds of wood. All had to be ripped up and started over. Now installer on another job while I sit & wait. Also supposed to have some reducers in (again special order) no one at the store knows anything about it.

They also dinged my fridge when they delivered it. No quality control.

The flooring manager out today. I guess I will be waiting till tomorrow to find out what is going on.

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You should have hired a professional installer. First, they would have spread the flooring throughout the room to acclimate to the environment it was being laid in.

At this point a professional installer would have noticed you had 2 different kinds of wood and wouldn't have laid the floor. Mistakes happen and the wrong product can accidentally be shipped.

This error was compounded by your hiring someone who didn't know what they were doing. You need to buck up and take part of the blame for your delay.

to You... Alief, Texas, United States #621072

I had a professional installer. His assistant started on the wood while he was working on bathrooms.

He works for lowes. The blame is not on me.

to Sla55 #655837

Actually the blame is on you for not inspecting what was delivered. You should have visually inspected what was delivered and made sure it was the correct items and color.

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