Parkersburg, West Virginia

I haven't been happy with Lowe's for awhile now. I had a couple bad experiences at one of their stores and when my contractor had to order some supplies for my new porch from Lowes, I went along with it and thought it would be him directly dealing with them.

My new railing and posts were ordered and took longer to come in then said and when they did come in wrong caps were sent! Now a reorder had to be done at more expense to me and behind on porch! More waiting! Fed up!

Why should I have to pay more if it is their mistake?

Could have had my porch finished! Not fair Lowes, next time I will go somewhere else!

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Thats right you dork take your money elsewhere. Boo hoo you typical cry baby get a life


Then go somewhere else!! You said the wrong items were sent....So maybe it was the manufacturer's fault?

Retailers can't control the lead time of a product either. One more entitled person crying because it didn't go exactly their way!!