Does not live up to the B&G Quality

Does not live up to the B&G Quality First day, assembly was easy and intuitive, the wheels fell off, plastic construction plastic axle pressure fit no positive way to keep the wheels attached. 2.

Actually the motor and pump are great! 3. The pressure hose reel rubs on the plastic body, the pressure hose has a permanent coil and is hard to keep from tangling, the multi-nozzel is nice (buy one for your new washer) 4. the selector switch for the detergent dispenser is hard to turn, after the *** shaft broke I saw that it was made from plastic.


The clip on the machine for the spray wand, is cheep plastic (as is the whole unit) and broke when I bumped the sprayer handle while move the unit. Note: this is a Briggs & Stratton name product, they used to stand for quality, now I wonder.

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I also wrote a review for paint that I purchased at lowes, the quality of the paint was poor and it would not let me post a review .. Apparently they don't want people to know the truth..

Then again it's a big bad corporation ..

That's what's taken over America is corrupt corporations .. And *** poor service and poor quality seems like the new norm


Probably rejected it because it didn't make sense. Who is B&G that you keep talking about?

First Born Triplet

B&G stands for some home product thing I think.