Mahopac, New York

having an intimate first hand knowledge of lowes ccic *** you can say almost anything. eg: I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR 45 MINUTES for my grill yeah right.

just the other day a customer came in on a sunday when we open at 8am and said he was waiting for 25 minutes and it was exactly 8:12am.

the 5.00 an hour dolts that take your phone calls may believe this but we dont.........I will make you wait longer at the customer service desk. Just because you spend a couple of hundred dollars in the store does not give you ownership of the people in front of you......remember the louder you yell the less help you get

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You customers of lowes make me want to vomit. WHO needs you???

All you do is *** and complain.

Go to home depot. like we care.


my favorite was watching a man ask an employee for help loading a 4x8 sheet of 1/4 luan plywood. The employee, WITH TWO BROKEN ARMS IN CASTS picked up the plywood, and put it on the guys roof rack and went inside. He didnt say thank you to the guy sothe customer went in and complained about the "poor loading service"


:grin :grin Well said friend.

If they don't like Lowe's they can go to Home Depot. :p


oh boo hoo.

"I don't know" is NEVER an acceptable answer from somebody in retail unless it is IMMEDIATELY followed by the words "but I'll find out for you.".

Otherwise saying "I don't know" or "There's nothing I can do about it" = the same thing as you telling the customer to "*** off".

If you hate your retail job so bad, grow up & move out of your mommy's basement. Go get a real job.


apparently some *** at Lowes doesn't understand that what they are getting paid to do is called "customer service".

When you work retail, it doesn't matter what you 'title' is or what position you work in -- your job is ALWAYS customer service.


Oh, you people are full of it. There are dedicated people and losers in all fields, but the Lowe's in my area has an unbelievable amount of incompetent, apathetic employees.

I am not a yeller or demander. I know different people have different limits.

I won't expect a one legged man to walk fast and I do not expect that all or most Lowe's employees are capable of giving even barely adequate service. The uniform here should be a big squishy red nose and big floppy shoes, not aprons.


I am a cashier at Lowe's and I feel like I have a target painted on my forehead. Customer's think that if they yell at me for any inconvenience they have sustained, that I can actually do something about it.


If you have a problem, grow a spine and talk to the manager. The cashier is the bottom of the food chain and we ARE NOT your whipping boy.


Yes, what makes the public think that they can treat me like dirt on the floor? I have worked retail for many years and no matter what filthy word that comes out of the customer's mouth I am supposed to smile and give great customer service?

I do just that because I believe in the company that I work for but, too many of the general public think the louder they yell or the more obnoxious they become... we will give them something for free because they feel we owe it to them.