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lowes sold me a kitchen with an incomplete design missing an entire wall of cabinets-dead space and appliances that do not fit into the cabinet openings after $20,000.00 was paid in advance. lowes uses subcontractors to do all of the work and you will end up managing your own job as anything would be better than the lowes team-especially in port charlotte florida.

please do not find out the hard way-do not use a kitchen designer at lowes as they do not have the experience necessary to complete the job right. lowes is the worst!

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I agree. I am in the 7th month of a kitchen renovation from Lowes. The most incompetent people I have ever dealt with.


i agree lowes is a terrible store especially in port charlotte florida-mark aronoff is incompetent and makes major mistakes that other employees try to cover up. worst place to get a kitchen and worst place to get it installed,,,no truer words have ever been spoken

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