Greenville, South Carolina
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I am retired Air Force. Lowes has the policy of not giving a military discount unless a supervisor is called to verify the ID card.

I have waited in excess of five minutes several times for a supervisor to come to the checkout line. I'm waiting, the customers behind me are waiting, all this because they can not trust their employees to verify this.

You go to Home Depot, they look at your ID card, ring you up and you are out the door. I'm thinking that Lowes has this policy to deter veterans from asking for the discount.

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Frankly I refuse to nickel and dime the privilege but lately it seems like even when I wait until I have an order over 50 bucks its almost a hassle for them to give the discount. Holding up a line for upwards of 10 minutes is unacceptable IMHO and every time I have asked for my discount in the past few months I wind up telling them to forget it.

its not worth it because of the time it takes. The feeling of irritation and agitation from the people waiting in line behind me isn't worth it. Bad on you Lowes. It seems you don't really want to give this discount to us anymore, you just can't stop it without public outcry.

I think I'm done with you for a while. Home depot or mom and pop hardware for me.


A manager must give an approval for any military discount. Regular sales and cashiers cannot approve any discount unless its a Lowes credit card promotional discount of 5%... So if the store is busy, it can take managers a few minutes to make their way to the register for the approval.


Oh for Pete's sake. I'm retired military, and work for Lowe's. That store most likley has a reason for this. In non-military areas, the check a little bit harder. You'd be amazed at what some people will try.

I've seen DOD civilians try to use a DAC card, for the discount. People wearing pawn shop purchased ACU's, their VA card etc.

The discount is only given to CURRENT Active Guard, Active Reserve, Active Duty and retirees with DDForm 2A.

Try getting the discount at Wal-Mart, or better yet most other retailers.



Never had a problem with Lowes in Gastonia or Belmont NC. The manager used to approve the discount, but they stopped that long ago.

The clerks take a quick look and thats all thats needed. Lowes is super.


The verification is to protect the discount from being abused by people other than yourself. It wouldn't be much of an honor or discount if everyone got it, right?

Sorry you had to wait on the override. What a terrible manager that must be.

He should have known that you were going to be shopping that day. I'd call his boss and have him fired for not anticipating your arrival at the register.


Ok sooo I finally picked the perfect pink for my girl bedroom and was taking the paint cans up to the register to pay, when my mom reminded me that lowes offers a military discount. So I asked for military discount, the lady at the register said they do offer it but it needs manager approval, I said okay.

A few seconds later the manager, who was sitting at the end of the next counter reading a magazine was there holding her card out to scan for approval.

She could have said nothing and all would be fine, instead she said with hella attitude "ugggh I swear sometimes I wanna just put up a sign that says do not enter my line if you want a military discount or expect to wait fifteen minutes until I'm not busy" I was like okay that was rude, I'm sorry I interupted your magazine reading. My husband, my brothers and my mother all proudly serve their country...maybe next time there is some kind of emergency she should be standing at the front of the lines to see what it feels like to protect and serve with no respect