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I called Lowes in Glenwood Springs two weeks ago about purchasing foam backed carpet. The first guy Kyle never called back. Matt SUPER friendly very helpful got me the answers I needed. I drove FOUR hours to purchase carpet that Matt told me they carried IN STOCK.

Upon arrival Eddy the new guy told me "NO we dont carry anything like that." when I ask to see the foam backed carpet that I called about. SO naturally I asked someone else, Lisa. Lisa looked briefly and informed me that they were "out" of that carpet. I explained that I had spoken with Matt just a few days prior. NO, we are out. "Could you PLEASE check in the back, I KNOW you have this carpet. No, someone bought it. O.K. Matt said there were many different options to fill my need could you show me what other products." No, can't think of any. Great.

I swear the employees just scattered when we approached them.

I called the next morning. Spoke with the dept head, Tim. They DO HAVE the carpet I drove four hours to purchase. Took Tim two minutes to find it. It was "in the back, 'mislabeled'." Yeah right! "Pull this leg and it plays jingle bells!"

I am VERY unhappy with my Lowe's experience.

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Next time ask about placing an order over the phone so you can pick it up in the store later. That way you won't have to worry about anything selling out or being misplaced.

Also, if you think an employee is being unhelpful, ask to speak to the department or store manager. Tim the department manager, who is in charge of moving the products around, could very easily know where to find something a new employee wouldn't.